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1. For those who wish to explore and strengthen body, mind and spirit.
2. Professional training and continuing education credits.
* Focusing & Feldenkrais® Functional Integration with Katarina Halm

*  2015 “Thinking in Movement” programme.
* Focusing & Teacher Training Programme 

Quote from Rob Foxcroft, September 13, 2015
I do feel it is important to think of listening-and-focusing as a single process. To me, focusing alone is a special case of listening-and-focusing, in which (so far as possible) the solitary focuser relates to an imaginary listener who is (in some sense) an evocation of all the listeners there have ever been in the past. 

Isn’t that what we invented God for? I remember that physicist Freeman Dyson spoke of “practising but not believing”. This seems to me a sane position. I don’t feel it matters much what one’s beliefs may be, but one does need to be able to feel that somebody is listening, even in times of loneliness and solitude. Sometimes all human listeners let us down. 


The name of this website is from “Thinking in Movement”, Chapter 12 in the book Primacy of Movement, expanded 2nd edition 2011, by Maxine Sheets-Johnstone.

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