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1. For those who wish to explore and strengthen body, mind and spirit.
2. Professional training and continuing education credits.
*  2015 “Thinking in Movement” programme.
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Quote of the month:
“Oh, I forgot the most important I wanted to say:
when we do not understand something, we can always take a step back, and look or ask for further aspects of the whole. Understanding then comes! Let’s never think of ourselves as too stupid to comprehend something!”
Gisela Uhl – Ulumagila Focusing and Philosophy

* Summer 2015 Focusing Conference in Seattle
Hosted by Kevin Krycka at Seattle University

* 50th Anniversary edition and more  from Maxine Sheets-Johnstone!

50th Anniversary Edition of The Phenomenology of Dance
The book is Not Yet Published and you can Preorder in cloth, paper and e-book.  With the code T20P you can preorder the cloth edition for $16 until August 1st, 2015.  In addition to the foreword by Merce Cunningham from the original edition, and the preface from the second edition, this fiftieth anniversary edition includes an in-depth introduction that critically and constructively addresses present-day scholarship on movement and dance.

Putting Movement Into Your Life: A Beyond Fitness Primer
The book is now available in Canada and the US. We are happy to know of publication of this expanded edition which has already been a favourite for many years in its original ebook form.  The new edition is a print-on-demand book but will also be available in bookstores. The book now even comes with splendid endorsements on the back cover. Click for a flyer with endorsements, table of contents, and a general description of the book.

And here is Serge Prengel’s recorded Conversation with  Maxine!

The name of this website is from “Thinking in Movement”, Chapter 12 in the book Primacy of Movement, expanded 2nd edition 2011, by Maxine Sheets-Johnstone.


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