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The Month of July Highlight!
 Bones for Life™ & ‘Movement Intelligence Chairs’ 
Release your very own Biological Optimism!

1. For those who wishes to explore and strengthen body, mind and spirit.

2. Professional training and continuing education credits.
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The name of this website is from “Thinking in Movement”, Chapter 12 in the book Primacy of Movement, expanded 2nd edition 2011, by Maxine Sheets-Johnstone. Perhaps you will enjoy an excellent chapter in a superb book from State University of New York Press: available in pdf form for a seminar series with Katarina Halm with special permission from the publisherGendlin, E.T. (1992). The wider role of bodily sense in thought and language, in Maxine Sheets-Johnstone (Ed.), Giving the body its due, pp. 192-207 Here is the link if you wish to purchase the book; you can mention  Account # 7150 to receive a 20% discount at SUNY press:  http://www.sunypress.edu/p-1344-giving-the-body-its-due.aspx

And here is Serge Prengel’s recorded Conversation with  Maxine!

KatarinaDSCN0198 Katarina Halm – Feldenkrais® & Focusing

Jael esserino focusing-3 447 Jael Emberley – Esserino Focusing, honouring the small steps

isabella for VCACK-3Isabella Mori – Focusing for Peer-Support-Workers
& those with  Mental Health Issues


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